Chinese Feng Shui Necklace Symbols

Chinese Feng Shui Necklace
Chinese Feng Shui Necklace
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Chinese Feng Shui Necklace
Chinese Feng Shui Pewter Necklace Symbols. Chinese Feng Shui Symbols. For over 5000 years of wisdom Chinese characters are more than just written form of the language, they are said to be powerful talismans that embody what they signify. People forever wish for Fortune, Wealth, Health, Happiness, Love, Prosperity, Success, Harmony, Friendship, Long Life, Good Health, Protection, Peace and so on are believe in the power, and by wearing them or giving them to your friends and loved ones, you inspire good fortune for you and them.

Each necklace comes with its own meaning card. A short version is as follows:

Peace- The Symbol for “shield”, Long Life- The symbol for “work and earth”, Fortune- Symbol for “wealth and good luck”, Love- Symbol for “heart and grace”, Protection-Symbol of “protection and security”, Happiness-Symbol of “harmony”, Good Health- Symbol of “nourishment and movement”, Prosperity- Symbol of “production and virtue”, Friendship- Symbol of “brotherhood and humanity”, Wealth- Symbol of “unlimited fame and wealth”, Harmony- Symbol of “nourished and ripe” and Success- Symbol of “work and strength”.

Choose one style or all and amaze your friends every day. Made of Fine pewter nickel free with adjustable cord to adjust to any length. Pewter Chinese Feng Shui necklace on adjustable cord.

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