Crystal Beacon Rounded Quartz, Amethyst, Tiger Iron, or Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Crystal Beacon Pendulum
Item# VG-PDL500
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These beautiful crystal beacon pendulums come in your choice of rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, or tiger iron, and all feature a clear quartz sphere on top. These are great pendulums for dowsing, finding your way, getting answers, communicating with the higher self, and for spiritual and angel contact. These beautiful pendulums are rounded cone shaped pendulum and have a metal ring cap fitting on top with a little crystal ball. Please be sure to choose which type of crystal/stone you would like before adding to cart, each sold separately. Metaphysical properties: Clear quartz is thought to be clarifying, aligning, energizing, and good for directing energy and healing, and also for amplifying or more properly directing the energies of other stones and crystals. Amethyst is thought to bring protection, calmness, creativity, and healing, supposedly dispelling poisons of all sorts. Rose Quartz is a stone of love in all forms, opening the heart to all forms of love, and it also brings confidence, creativity, and calm, and helps to clear negative/harmful emotions. Tiger Iron is a grounding and healing stone which aligns your aura, promotes optimism, calmness, confidence, and strength of all sorts. Due to the natural origin of the stones in these pendulums, they may differ from the pictures slightly, in size and appearance. Each pendulum is about 2" to 2.25", and the length of the chain varies. Each chain has a small quartz sphere on the hand end, which, again, is great for directing and amplifying energy. VG-PDL500

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