Power Bead Bracelets

Power Beads, power bead bracelets, buddha beads, bead bracelets, Chinese power beads, yoga power beads. Semi-precious stones or synthetic cats eye (8mm). Mix and match types of power bead stone bead bracelets for quantity discounts.

Pricing will be updated automatically! 10 or more get biggest savings! discounts, (adjusted price will show when the quantities are increased, applies per order only, cannot combine orders for quantity discount)

Some stones due to the rarity of the stones may be higher in price, up to $1.00 or $2.00 more, the higher bracelets will state (+$1) or (+$2) when ordering and increase will reflect once added to shopping cart.

STYLE Changes!! Image may not reflect the actual bracelet as each bracelet is unique: If option is not available on the drop down; this simply means that it is currently not in stock at this time

Power Bead Bracelet
$5.99, 10/$50.00
Inspirational Wordstone Bracelets
Regular price: $10.00
Sale price: $6.95
Semi-Precious Multi-Color Stone Bracelet
Regular price: $19.00
Sale price: $7.95
Fauceted Flourite Stone Bracelet
Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $7.95
Charm Bracelet
Regular price: $10.00
Sale price: $5.99, 2/$9.98
Magnetic Hematite Fancy Bracelet
Regular price: $30.00
Sale price: $16.95, 2/$22.00
Designer Power BeadsDuchess Stone Bracelet
Regular price: $9.00
Sale price: $6.50
Graduated Amethyst Necklace & Bracelet
Regular price: $60.00
Sale price: $29.95
Fancy Beads and Cats Eye Beads BraceletsAmethyst Power Beads16" Powerbead Necklace
Regular price: $9.00
Sale price: $6.99, 3/$15.00
16" Chip China Turquoise Necklace
Regular price: $11.99
Sale price: $8.99
Triple Strand Powerbead Bracelets
Regular price: $12.99
Sale price: $6.99, 3/$12.00
Hematite and Cats Eye Bracelets
$2.99, 10/$19.99, 20/$30.00
Blue Sodalite Power Bead Bracelet
Black Onyx Power BeadsCarnelian Power BeadsChina Jade Power Bead BraceletDalmation Power Bead Bracelet
Denim Lapis Power Bead BraceletEpidote Power BeadsFluorite Power Bead BraceletGold Sand Stone Power Bead Bracelet
Green Aventurine Power Bead BraceletHematite Fancy Bracelet Round 6mmMagnetic Hematite Power Bead BraceletHematite Power Bead Bracelet
Magnetic Hematite Bracelet ShapesMagnetic Hematite Mini-TankHoney Jade Power Bead BraceletLapis Lazuli Power Bead Bracelet
Larimar Power Bead BraceletLeopardskin Jasper Power Bead BraceletMahacony Obsidian Power Bead BraceletMother of Pearl Power Bead Bracelet
Moss Agate Powerbead BraceletMoss Jasper Power Bead BraceletMulti-Stone Power BeadNew Jade Power Bead Bracelet
Picasso Jasper Power Bead BraceletOpalite Powerbead BraceletPicture Jasper Power Bead BraceletPrint Stone Power Beads
Smoky Agate Power Bead BraceletSmoky Quartz Power Bead BraceletSnowflake Obsidian Power Bead BraceletRainbow Jasper Power Bead Bracelet
Red Jasper Power Bead BraceletRhodonite Power Bead BraceletRock Crystal Power BeadRose Quartz Power Bead Bracelet
Rutilated Quartz Power BeadRed Tiger Eye Power Bead BraceletTiger Eye Power Bead Bracelet  8mmBlue Tiger Eye Power Bead Bracelet
Tree Agate Powerbead BraceletTurquoise Power Bead BraceletUnakite Power Bead BraceletWhite Howlite Power Bead Bracelet
White Onyx Power Bead BraceletZebra Agate Power Bead BraceletPowerbead Gemstone RingsChunchy Stone Bracelets
Regular price: $15.99
Sale price: $9.99, 4/$30.00
Healing Stone Necklace on Wire
Regular price: $9.99
Sale price: $4.95, 4/$15.79
Healing Stone Bracelet on Wire
Regular price: $7.99
Sale price: $3.95, 4/$11.99
Arrow Head Semi Precious Stone Pendants
Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $1.99, 5/$4.00
10mm Semi-Precious Stone Bead Pendant
Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $1.99, 4/$5.00
Chunky Chip Stone Bracelet
Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $4.95, 20/$60.00
Cat's Eye Turtle Pendant Necklace
Regular price: $3.25
Sale price: $2.99, 10/$20.50
Designer Round Bead
Regular price: $12.99
Sale price: $6.95, 5/$25.00
Gemstone Fetish Animal Necklace - Assorted Stone
Regular price: $8.00
Sale price: $2.00
36" Nugget Chip Strand
Regular price: $8.00
Sale price: $5.95, 5/$22.50
Heart Gemstone Bracelet
Regular price: $15.00
Sale price: $9.99

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