Rock Crystal Power Bead

Rock Crystal Power Bead
Rock Crystal Power Bead
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Rock Crystal Power Bead Bracelet, Also known as "Clear Quartz" . Increase intuition and insight, enhance awareness.May be limited, if not available in the pull down menu they are sold out. (Just In and Flying out the doors. Buy now!) Rock Crystal is a very hard & rare stone to come across, due to this matter this stone may have a $1.00 extra from our regular price on Powerbeads, if so additional $1 will show once in shopping cart.

Quartz is the most common of all minerals. It comes in many forms. Crystals vary in size from tiny particles glittering on a surface of a rock to pieces that weigh up to a ton. This mineral can be transparent or translucent. In its natural state it is colorless, but frequently is colored from impurities. Common forms of quartz are rose, smoky, amethyst and green. These forms of quartz may be used in jewelry and as decoration pieces. In its pure form, quartz crystal has many uses, it's uses range from the manufacturing of glass to its use in electronic and optical equipment. Most quartz crystal is from Brazil and Arkansas.

Power Bead Bracelet
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$5.99, 10/$50.00
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