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Polished Rose Quartz Egg
Polished Rose Quartz Egg, Aprox. 2" long (50mm) Rose Quartz egg - Love and Passion. Quantity Discount - 4 or more rose quartz eggs and save
$4.49, 4/$15.00
Polished Rose Quartz Egg EGRQ
Amethyst Sphere -  44mm
Amethyst Sphere - aprox. 44mm, buy two and save!Brazilian Amethyst Sphere, all around healing stone. Coloring may vary. Aprox 44mm. Natural stones vary from images Stand not included, limited availability
$27.95, 2/$47.99
Amethyst Sphere - 44mm SPHA44
This item is currently out of stock!
Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere
Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere, rock crystal, Clear Quartz Crystal Ball aprox 1 7/8" (46mm) Stand not included. Natural Stone, will vary from photo, may not be actually clear through the stone.
Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere SPHRC
This item is currently out of stock!
Heart shaped gift items and Heart shaped gifts, including stone hearts, stone heart boxes, heart candles, heart jewelry, heart pendants and more. Great for gifts or decoration. Valentine's Day Gifts!
Blue Sodalite Sphere 45mm
Sodalite Sphere 45mm, stone round sphere approx 45mm. Blue sodalite sphere. Will vary slightly from image due to all spheres are created from natural stones, subject to natural stone imperfections & color. Blue Sodalite Sphere Limited Quantities!
Regular price: $12.00
Sale price: $9.95
Blue Sodalite Sphere 45mm SPH-BS
Fluorite Sphere Grade "B"
Fluorite Sphere Grade "B", genuine Fluorite stone sphere, polished. Grade "B" 4 sizes 1 thru 4, size 4 being the largest size. These Fluorite Sphere are beautiful stones. Give them as a gift or keep them for your self. Fluorite is said to be of conscious mind and body in dispels anxiety and tension, balances mental energies, aids in sleep and excellent for meditation, cool and calm.

Approx stone sizes by stone numbers:
Size 1= 45mm; Size 2= 50mm; Size 3= 55mm & Size 4= 60mm

Limited Quantities and at these prices they will go fast!

See Fluorite Sphere Grade "A" for higher quality stone and Color.

Price Starting at $19.95 USD for Grade "B" size 1 (smallest sphere, and increases per size, size 2 increases $10.00 USD more, size 3 $20.00 USD more & size 4 $30.00 USD more from starting price. Please see dropdown for additional pricing per size of larger stones or sizes. Price adjusted automatically once added to cart.)

Quantity of 1 means 1 stone, image is to reflect all stones and sizes only.
Fluorite Sphere Grade "B" SPH-FL-B
Sphere Size: 
Polished Sodalite Egg
Polished Sodalite Egg, Aprox. 2" long (50mm) Blue Sodalite egg, said to help overcome adversity. Quantity Discount on 4 or more blue sodalite eggs
$4.49, 4/$14.00
Polished Sodalite Egg EGSOD
Rose Quartz Sphere 45mm
Polished Rose Quartz Sphere 45mm. Aprox 45mm sphere. These retail up to $80 each in some areas.

Shades of color will vary and add to their natural beauty.

(Stand not included).
Regular price: $15.00
Sale price: $9.95
Rose Quartz Sphere 45mm SPHRQ50
Relaxation Balls
Relaxation balls, Chrome, Rainbow chrome or Cloisonne design. Mystic Chinese Chiming Health Balls are great for relaxing and make a great gift too! Assorted box colors (green, blue, red). Chrome, Rainbow chrome or Assorted Cloisonne design Relaxation balls (aprox 1 1/2"). Quantities are limited.
$6.95, 2/$12.00
Relaxation Balls CLOI1

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